Podcasts Coming Mid March

A very warm Hello Soul Family ~

This site “The Love Dimension” has been earthed from my heart as a place for

Podcast Meditations ~ ~ coming March 2017

I am a guide from the head to the heart; to realign the energy centre and awaken the compassionate heart ~

 I am Tantra. I breathe Love as my Tao.


This practice is to assist in the embodiment and anchoring of Love as your natural state of being, a Warrior’s path, a path for those close to Home… a profound and deep calling ~ ~ ~ Soon the stars will setup a sacred space for consultations and private sessions of this work. I am based on the East Coast of Australia ~ The work I share is both very private and transparent to all.

Your body is a temple, your heart is a God, your prayer is relaxation into the Breath.

My love is unconditional and blessed for the full awakening of the Aquarian Age on our Earth home ❤

Thank you for visiting this freshly seeded page… A place for the light Tribe, the healers, the starved souls, forgotten hearts, wounded wombs, the Christos, Starseeds and beyond to gather..

I welcome you to the Love Dimension.

In gratitude to my spine, in service to the Divine.

x Tantric Heart Warrior x


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