Interconnectedness πŸ’œ

Philosophy used to get me hard. My mind sweet and gooey, wet dreaming of your intellect running through my brainwaves – Coming quick and strong into Knowing; bathing in it, until I was soft again. Next sharp mind to poke me. Repeat.

” ”
Then I fused this dripping mental romance with Science; a gorgeous method that my monkey mind had rebelled from for years ~ hearing only equations, seeing only lines, forming only boxes to be placed inside of ~ the monkey lost in study of the microscopic moss on a blade of glass that grew beside the Tree of Knowledge.
Oblivious to the Tree, Master to the blade.



All is One.

Al khem qem

As the snake’s maiden, as the Indian paintbrush. I seekΒ strength, not to be superior to my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy – myself.

Wisdom is the acceptance of forgoing the path to seek. It comes not from knowing, it comes from Knowledge.

It comes from the ancient path within that knows no language, One which puts down the words in place of the Breath. The expansion of space within, the Tree, the Heart’s humming ~

a u m

x Tantric Heart Warrior x


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