The Heart Warrior

❤️ Aloha Soul Ohana ❤️

These are some words of gratitude for a beautiful time spent with Mana O Kahiko ~ the Spirit Power of our Ancestors.

Mahalo Kumu Pa’a Kawika for your Pa’a Knowledge ~ To Alexandre and Alyona ~ Bless the marrying of your love with Akua ~ How fortunate we are to have shared a week of spirit, mind, body healing in learning the tradition of Lomilomi bodywork.

Surrender cannot be rushed, since it does not happen by conscious choice.

Surrender is the final step before the embodiment of Understanding all of one’s self ~ An enteral soul infused with Akua.

It is only once we have exhausted all other means of finding purpose ~ and failed miserably at it, that the Truth finds us… The Heart Warrior invites us to step forward into our Destiny with God.

I rest my heart with Kumu Pa’a Kawika Foster, Kumu Pa’a Lawrence Aki, all the Po’e Kahiko’s that lead before and aumakua’s who guide us now ~ na’au ~ all the masters. Mahalo my brothers.


This is the state one will return Home.

This process of healing relationships ~ Ho’oponopono ~ releasing all that no longer serves us ~ purifying and preparing our spirit, mind, body so we can serve in full alignment with the Higher Being.

We taste the ever flowing water of life.

Birth the world you dream ~ Uhane ground through our feet so we remain in Aloha of what is unfinished in our human form on this Earth plane.

We are the warriors for the end of resistance ~ we cannot surrender anything we deny, Aloha Ke Akua, bless us with the courage to die to ourselves. To become nothing more so you can become everything in us.

We are Love. To be alive and whole we must face the truth of who we are. If our heart overwhelms us, we have not fully met Oneself. So again be guided into the Heart, pule and be still ~ ~

Aloha, I ke kahi, I ke kahi ❤️

🌸Further poetry musings with traditionally trained Lomilomi Practitioners Alexandre and Alyona at Our Medicine Journal 💜🌸


x Tantric Heart Warrior x

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